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Our Strategic Plan

As the Potteries Educational Trust continues to grow and expand, we maintain our relentless drive for academy improvement and innovation.

Our big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) is to be the highest performing Trust and system leaders for creative, digital, educational innovation in the Midlands and beyond.

Our strategic objectives for 2023-2028 include:

  1. All learners will master a broad, enriched curriculum – As a result, achievement in all academies is consistently above national average in all areas for all learners.
  2. Every learner will have regular experiences/ encounters with industry/university/employers every year, supported by specialist careers advice, which also help to meet local skills gaps – As a result, PET is nationally recognised as a national leader in careers and employment experiences for young people.
  3. All academies will use creative, digital technologies to improve learning and support innovative curriculum delivery – As a result, PET staff and learners are confident users of digital technology to innovate and master the curriculum, and  PET is a beacon of excellence in the use of digital technologies for learning.
  4. ‘Employer of choice’ – As a result, employees likelihood to recommend exceeds 90% and at least 95% of staff agree that PET offers both high quality PD and cares about staff wellbeing.
  5. The PET will attract academies to our trust and add value to the lives of  learners – As a result, the PET has more primary academies (including Middle and First Schools).
  6. All PET academies will become carbon neutral, sustainable institutions – As a result, PET academies achieve 40% reduction in direct and indirect emissions, reducing our overall PET carbon footprint

Overall, we aspire to bring organisations together to create individual ‘hubs’ of excellence that share and develop resources, curricular and extra-curricular activities as well as building lasting partnerships with schools, colleges, universities and businesses across the region to get involved in curriculum projects and provide a comprehensive, varied and highly specialised education that goes beyond qualifications.

We continue our successful partnerships with Staffordshire University, Keele University, STEM LearningNational Centre for Computing Education and Digital School House.

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