A Community of Learning

A Multi-academy Trust with a Difference

We are a caring community, delivering excellence and inspiring futures.

As a Learning Community, we share common values and principles which are embraced at every academy within the Trust. Our focus is to provide the very best education, for every child and young person within the Trust.

Meet Our Academies

  • By bringing Biddulph High School as an Associate Member Academy and also engaging teaching professionals, local and national businesses and universities, the PET aims to provide an innovative approach to both learning and teaching. This will also promote the added value of working in partnership across all phases of education.

  • The already extensive curriculum of the Sixth Form College will be developed further and create many new opportunities for educational visits, clubs and societies, competitions and cultural activity thus ensuring a broad and vibrant education for all.

  • Our developing relationship with PET has fantastic potential to further improve learning opportunities and raise aspirations for our children and community, enabling us to work collaboratively with other schools in the Trust to ensure our pupils receive an outstanding education and clear progression path from primary education right through to sixth form education and beyond.

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