Potteries Educational Trust – Christmas 2022 – Families and Carers Letter

Dear Parents and Carers

Potteries Educational Trust letter to families and carers

This term has been a full return to school life as we know it, with so many of our academies returning to face-to-face parents’ evenings, open events, trips and other activities. It has been lovely to speak with our learners and their families in person, after so much disruption. Some fantastic events are also taking place in the run-up to the holiday season, with Christmas services, nativity performances, Christmas jumper exchanges and challenge days for learners.

We have also held our first ever PET Christmas Concert: Mistletoe Mania on 5th December, in Mitchell Arts Centre. Music Leads across the Trust including Mr Meakin from Moorside High School, Anna Hughes from City of Stoke Sixth Form College, Mrs McGill and Mrs Shone from Werrington Primary School all worked together to put on a fantastic performance. Choirs from all three academies performed as did the Moorside Band of staff and students and the City of Stoke Sixth Form College Band. In addition to the Music Leads above, Mr Montifray, Mr Marsh, Ms Lindsay from Moorside High School and the music teachers from C Natural and Entrust Music Services performed. Individual performances from students included: Molly, Maisie, Millie, Isobel, Summer and Ruby from Moorside and Henry and Maddie from City of Stoke Sixth Form College. Keeping the audience entertained all evening were the fantastic comperes: Maddie and Jasmine from City of Stoke Sixth Form College and Alex and Jake from Moorside High School. Werrington Primary School staff also led a wonderful raffle competition with over 15 amazing prizes. Thank you to everyone that contributed.

Many of us and those in our communities have been facing tough times, from economic hardship to other challenges. We know that getting through these tough times means we need to rely more and more on one another, giving support when we need it and looking after one another. Christmas is a time to put aside our worries and celebrate being together with family and friends which is our hope for all of our PET family. We are grateful for your support, as parents and carers, in helping our children and young people to thrive in their own academies, caring for one another and following their dreams.

Our academies remain vigilant about keeping learners and their families safe from COVID and where there are vulnerabilities, ensure the right support is in place. We would like to make sure all families know the signs and symptoms of Strep A as well as there have been a few suspected cases in our region. Symptoms include: high temperatures (fever), swollen glands, sore throat, rash, severe muscle aches. Strep A can lead to scarlet fever which has many of the above symptoms but children sometimes have a strawberry tongue-which looks a bit like a strawberry. If children and young people have symptoms of Strep A or Scarlet Fever, please speak with your doctor or call NHS 111 and seek medical help immediately.

As we turn to the end of term, we are celebrating with holiday spirit across our community. This break means many of our children and young people, our staff and our governors will enjoy time with family and friends and a well-earned rest.

After Christmas our academies start back on either the 3rd or 4th of January, depending on Staff Training Days at the academy your child attends and we are looking forward to all learners returning to school or college refreshed and ready to learn.

From all of us at the Potteries Educational Trust, wishing you much love, joy and family time during the break.

Stay safe and have a very, merry Christmas.

Mark Kent,                               Heather McLachlan
CEO                                           Deputy CEO