Students across three academies of the Potteries Educational Trust attend a virtual talk with Global Cybersecurity Advisor, Jake Moore.

Staff and students across the Potteries Educational Trust attended a virtual talk on Thursday the 24th of November, delivered by Jake Moore, world-renowned Global Cybersecurity Advisor for Europe’s number one Cybersecurity company ESET. 

Jake Moore’s prominence in Cybersecurity started when he worked for the police force, investigating computer crime in the Digital Forensics Unit and Cyber Crime Team in Dorset. He was later approached to pilot a Home Office scheme to implement local forces with cybersecurity advisors to make their communities more resilient to increasing cybercrime.  

During his time in the police force and ESET, Jake has assisted in murder investigations, breaking encryption, social engineering, and even accessing company networks ethically. Jake’s expertise and notoriety within the industry have led to many national and international TV appearances including the BBC, ITV, Channel 5, France 24, Al Jazeera, Euronews, NBC and Canadian CBC. 

Computer Science and IT students attended the virtual talk from three academies; Moorside High School, Biddulph High School, and The City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College. These students are currently studying for a range of qualifications from GCSEs, BTECs, T Levels to A Levels. 

During the session, he discussed a variety of hacking techniques and social engineering tactics to give students an understanding and a greater depth of knowledge about the industry and what it would be like to work in cybersecurity. 

Jake Moore commented, “It’s always fantastic when young people are interested in learning about the world of cybersecurity, so this was a perfect opportunity to talk about an area which is so important. I covered hacking techniques, and I was able to demonstrate some social engineering tactics used to hack into companies and showcased the incredibly fun side of the industry. Hopefully, it gave insight to those who want to work in cybersecurity in the future, as well as engaging with those who had never thought of working in cyber.” 

Jake also shared his wisdom and advice about how our students can best protect themselves from rising threats online. 

IT Manager for the Potteries Educational Trust, James Earp, said, “Jake covered a variety of areas relating to Cybersecurity and gave examples of real-life hacking techniques, including where companies have been compromised through social engineering. Staff and Students were advised on the best ways to protect themselves in the online world, including adding two-step verification to personal accounts and being able to spot phishing emails/SMS frauds during a fully engaged Q&A session with Biddulph High School, Moorside High School & The City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College.”  

Deputy CEO of the Potteries Educational Trust, Heather McLachlan, stated, “Jake delivered a fantastic session for staff and learners across the trust. His advice on how we can improve our cybersecurity was simple and easy to follow – I’ve definitely changed all my passwords as a result! We would love for Jake to return and give advice to more of our students, staff, and parents; they too can benefit from his advice gained from vast expertise with both the police and private industry.” 

You can find out more about Jake Moore by visiting