Multi-Academy Trust Expands to Deliver Excellence Across the Potteries

The Potteries Educational Trust (PET) celebrates another year of expansion and they are thrilled to announce that its two associate members, Werrington Primary School and Moorside High School have now become full members from the 1st April 2021. This brings the Multi-Academy Trust to a total of four, joining The City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College and Biddulph High School. This successful and strong partnership continues to be one of the leading collective learning communities within Staffordshire putting students, staff, and the communities they serve at the heart of everything they do.

Mark Kent, Chief Executive Officer of the PET and Sixth Form College Principal said,

“I am delighted that Werrington Primary School and Moorside High School have joined as full members of the Potteries Educational Trust.

“This shows the growth of our collective learning community and the value we place on each individual child and young person and the schools, colleges and communities they come from. We look forward to working together in the months and years ahead to provide the very best education for all and to help all our students aspire to be the best they can be.”

The City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College successfully applied for academy status in 2017 pledging to become a Multi-Academy Trust with a difference. This unique model sees its students, staff and the community leading the way and shaping its future to deliver the highest quality of teaching and learning. The PET cherishes and promotes a broad and holistic education delivered to the highest standard, through innovative teaching methods, shared access to resources and best practice across its members. Providing children and young people with access to exceptional educational facilities from ages 3 through to 18.

Initially, Werrington Primary School and Moorside High School joined as associate members for an 18-month trial period. They have been delighted with the benefits and new opportunities that working collaboratively has brought.

Philip McLauchlan, Head Teacher of Werrington Primary School expands,

“Following two years of associate membership, we are proud to become full members of the Potteries Educational Trust. Our decision is the result of significant strategic planning and engagement, and we are energised by the opportunities to collaborate across the trust to further enhance the educational outcomes and opportunities for the communities we serve.”

“Our school still retains its distinctive characteristics, our teachers still provide the same high-quality education as they always have, but the trust will allow us to thrive in ways we could not have previously imagined, raising aspirations and sharing resources, finances and expertise to further enhance teaching and learning for all our children and young people.”

“It is exciting to join such a vibrant learning community. The opportunities for our pupils as they progress on their learning journey across the Trust from ages 3 to 18 are amazing.”

The Trust has created an educational community that continues to grow and expand but still allows each school to thrive as individuals for the benefit of the local area. Therefore, the Trust is helping to improve the delivery of education throughout every stage of a student’s academic life and working together to provide an integrated approach to education.

The PET offers its members the use of shared resources both curricular and extracurricular. It is also a strong, reliable, and effective partner for schools, colleges, businesses, and universities in the local area and across the region. Thus creating hubs of excellence, providing a comprehensive, varied and highly specialised education that goes beyond qualifications. Ultimately, the core focus of the Trust is the development of teaching and learning for all members of the community.

Georgina Grant, Deputy Head Teacher of Moorside High School commented,

“We are thrilled to be embarking upon this exciting partnership with the Potteries Educational Trust.”

“The collaboration we have already established over our associate membership, have allowed us to enhance our provision, provide greater opportunities for the school and the wider community and this is only set to thrive in the future.”

Moving forward the main priority of the PET is to continue to grow in a measured and sustainable way and develop collectively as a family of institutions to deliver the highest quality of learning. The Trust is committed to supporting each academy to be the very best it can be, providing each academy with amazing opportunities. Developing, supporting, and valuing its caring learning community of teachers, students and parents that are serving it. The Trust is now an employer of choice, offering continuing professional development and leaving all staff with a strong sense of value.

The Potteries Educational Trust continues to welcome new members, offering trial memberships of 18 months to schools who share the same values and have a thirst to develop a broad and engaging curriculum. During this period schools receive access to shared teaching practices, materials, and resources as well as enhanced support for students.