Potteries Educational Trust Letter To Families & Carers

As many of us look forward to the Christmas holidays, the first day of the school or college term seems a long time ago. Our children and young people have coped with many challenges, from COVID and beyond. Their determination to succeed in the face of so many challenges has been truly inspirational and only possible because of the support of our staff and their families and carers, working together to provide the best possible opportunities for every child.

Many of these have been limited by COVID, but in spite of this our staff have worked hard to ensure that no learner has missed out due to the pandemic. Of course, some changes have been necessary to keep everyone safe – something which is always our number one priority. With the advent of Omicron and as our country moves into Tier 4 again, our staff, children and young people are once again showing amazing resilience in dealing with yet more uncertainty. Indeed, we are confident that whatever the pandemic throws at us your children are in safe hands in a PET academy – school or college – and will continue to thrive and develop.

At PET, we truly appreciate the vital support given to every child by their families and wanted to thank you for all your support throughout this challenging term. You are the reason our children and young people are able to get up each day, go to school or college and keep going even though it has been very tough at times. So many people regularly talk about the children in our academies as being polite, thoughtful, creative and ambitious young people who are inspirational to meet – so to every parent and carer, thanks so much for your wonderful parenting skills – you do an amazing job and you can be proud of your children and the people they are developing into.

For now, Christmas has truly arrived at the PET and the gorgeous decorations, lights, trees, treats, plays and pantomimes are testament to the holiday spirit across our community. This break means many of our children and young people may hopefully get the chance to see their relatives, some for the first time since COVID, particularly those who may have been critically vulnerable, and so now, more than ever, this Christmas may mean a little bit more to all of us.

From all of us at the PET, wishing you much love, joy and family time during the break. Stay safe and have a very, merry Christmas.

Mark Kent

Heather McLachlan
Deputy CEO